Alice Cooper rediscovers Andy Warhol print he forgot about

Alice Cooper owns an Andy Warhol print that might be worth millions. After keeping it in storage for decades, he’ll probably soon display it at his suburban Phoenix home.

Alice became friends with the famed artist while living in New York during the ’70s — where one of his stage routines had him seated in a faux electric chair. That scene strongly resembled Warhol’s Little Electric Chair silkscreen. Not long after Andy saw Alice perform the routine, Cooper’s then-girlfriend purchased an unsigned print of the 1965 work for $2500.

While Alice was living an out of control life, the print was put into storage, never even taken out of its packing tube. Fast forward to this decade — after learning about the print, Alice was initially reluctant to display it, in part because it was potentially worth in the millions.

But only potentially — Warhol’s foundation no longer authenticates his unsigned works like the one Cooper owns. Alice’s manager Shep Gordon tells Britain’s Guardian, “Andy Warhol was not ‘Andy Warhol’ back then. And it was all in a swirl of drugs and drinking. But you should have seen Alice’s face when [an] estimate [of its value] came in… [He said] ‘Are you serious? I own that!'”